Sher-Crete BU

Cementitious pumped industrial underlayment base screed

Sher-Crete BU is a pumped industrial protein free underlayment base screed applied as a self-levelling industrial grade flooring system. The product is made with a factory pre-blended powder formulation being added to water. It is extremely durable and functions as a base screed in both industrial and commercial applications. Sher-Crete BU can be applied by pump or by hand up to 50 mm's in thickness and be topped with Sher-Crete SLX wearing screed or overcoated with resin coatings. Because it achieves strength quickly Sher-Crete BU is ideal for overcoating with Sherwin-Williams Resuflor, Resudeck, Elladur and SofTop resin coating systems.

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  • Finished wearing surface, pump or trowel applied

  • Suitable for underfloor heating systems, contains recycled material

  • Fast installation

  • Excellent adhesion

  • Moisture tolerant

  • Suitable for resin flooring toppings
Industrial and Manufacturing
Waterborne Liquid Coatings

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