Iconic Manchester Library Provided with Tough and Attractive Floor Finish With Resuflor Terrazzo

Resuflor Terrazzo was selected as the flooring as part of the overhaul of this building. The flooring finish needed to give a hygienic, sealed and impervious surface which provides a safe environment for regular public footfall.

Resin flooring technology incorporating multi-coloured aggregates within a formulation matrix can create a highly decorative and very durable seamless floor suitable for industrial and commercial situations where performance and aesthetics are important 

Terrazzo flooring system at Central Library

As part of the iconic Manchester Central Library's three-year overhaul to make its facilities more accessible, a bespoke flooring solution was supplied of Resuflor Terrazzo and Resuflor Screed to complete this refurbishment and give the buidling a great new appeal. The terrazzo provided a super smooth decorative floor and the epoxy screed incorporated fine aggregate on the surface to the stairs and ramped areas of the building to promote an anti-slip finish.

The multi-million pound refurbishment project saw public entrances of the Grade ll listed building  restored to their 1930's appearance. New staircases and lift shafts were inserted to improve access throughout the building.

The brief on this project was to provide a modern functional flooring solution that complemented the library's unique neo-classical style.

The besposke design of Resuflor Terrazzo was supplied in a special colour pallet to complement the neo-classical design features of the library. The system was chosen because of its seamless properties, ensuring a flat, continuous floor surface with extreme durability for a long term solution.

The product was also used as a pre-cast terrazzo system on some central stair areas of the library.

Resuflor Screed was supplied and applied on the ramped areas as a semi-decorative finish with a special aggregate bead incorporated for improved slip resistance.

The end result was a functional floor capable of withstanding heavy footfall that fitted with the aesthetic requirements of the overall design superbly.



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