Terrazzo Resin Floor in Hospital Lobby

High Performance Flooring System Colours

A flooring system to match every palette

Our resinous flooring systems feature an extensive line of colour options and design styles to create aesthetic and highly durable seamless flooring solutions.

System Colour Palettes

FasTop™ Multi System Colours
The FasTop™ Multi Systems are available in 10 colours and provide hygienic, chemical and slip-resistant flooring solutions that are extremely hard wearing.
FasTop™ Multi System Colours
Resuflor™ Industrial System Colours
Specifying the right colour can be as important as selecting the appropriate coating for industrial flooring applications.
Resuflor™ Industrial System Colours
Deco Flake System Colours
Deco Flake Systems combine multi-coloured vinyl crisps with resin to bring depth and interest to floor designs.
Deco Flake Flooring System Colours
Deco Quartz System Colours
Decorative coloured quartz aggregate combined with resin provides a unique design as well as a slip-resistant and hard wearing protective resin floor solution.
decorative resin floor in hospital
SofTop™ Comfort System Colours
The SofTop™ Systems are available in 8 standard colours and provide a durable yet soft, hygienic and slip-resistant flooring solutions.
SofTop™ Comfort System Colours
Terrazzo System Colours
Terrazzo combines resins with coloured marble, granite crisps or other approved aggregates in a trowelled mortar flooring system.
Terrazzo Resin Flooring System Colours
Colour Resources
Our colour experts will collaborate with you to develop a resinous floor colour combination that complements your structure's design.
Acrydur™ System Colours
Acrydur™ Systems are available in 8 standard colours providing a very tough surface with either a smooth or textured surface.
Acrydur™ System Colours
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