reflection of airplanes in Sherwin-Williams paint cans

Aerospace Coatings from Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams offers the products, colors, and collaboration to successfully bring your aircraft to life with exceptional protection and color.

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Skyscapes paint
All Products
Find superior solutions that will get your plane in the air faster - without sacrificing appearance or durability.
ERJ 145 painted with Sherwin-Williams coatings
Commercial Airline Coatings
For aircraft exterior and cabin, Sherwin Williams offers coating systems for commercial airline, regional carriers and cargo aircraft.
Cirrus Red and Silver Plane
General Aviation Products
We offer expertise for coating systems in any general aviation application — for both the aircraft exterior and cabin.
AC-47 Gunship painted with Sherwin-Williams coatings
Military/Defense Coatings
Qualified coating systems for any military aircraft application.
Aerospace Paint System
Paint Systems
Discover the various paint systems offered by Sherwin-Williams for general aviation, commercial airline and military aircraft.
Product Resources
Examine our Product Resources for your aerospace coatings products selection and use.
Qualified Products
From pre-treatments to clearcoats, Sherwin-Williams is qualified for numerous aircraft manufacturers, parts manufacturers and approving bodies.

Product Lookup

Explore our product solutions for a variety of applications and aircraft types.

Ask Sherwin-Williams

Ask how Sherwin-Williams can bring the right products and expertise for your aircraft.

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