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Sherwin-Williams delivers durable and protective coatings solutions for all types of military aircraft including helicopters, combat fighters, bombers and attackers; and non-combat aircraft including search and rescue, reconnaissance, transport and surveillance. We offer a comprehensive range of undercoats and topcoats qualified specifically for the military market.  

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C47 Gunship

Military Aircraft Categories

  • Photoluminescent Paint

    Sherwin-Williams Photoluminescent Paint for military aviation is placed on the tips of the aircraft propeller blades and helicopter rotors, creating visibility in dark and low light operations as a safety precaution for nearby personnel in hangers, airstrips, helipads, and repair facilities.

  • Primers

    Sherwin-Williams is a leading manufacturer of high quality aerospace primers for military aviation.

  • Pre-Treatments

    Sherwin-Williams offers two-component chromated and vinyl wash pre-treatments for simple mixing and military use.

  • Reducers

    Sherwin-Williams is a leading manufacturer of high quality aerospace reducers for Military aviation.

  • Topcoats

    Sherwin-Williams offers an extensive line of quality, high-performing topcoats that meet rigorous military specifications.

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