Sherwin-Williams undercoats are designed to improve cycle times, productivity and profitability. Choose from premium National Rule undercoats or environmentally safer, low-VOC undercoats.

Want to eliminate expensive bake cycles and improve your productivity? Ask about our patented HP Process™ that takes you from Prime to Shine in 40-50 minutes. Utilize either the P30 or P27 SpectraPrime® primer surfacers and you can sand or topcoat after only 15 minutes at 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Low VOC

    Sherwin-Williams Low VOC undercoats offer optimum performance for areas requiring low VOC coatings while providing excellent filling and sanding characterisitcs.

  • National Rule

    Sherwin-Williams national rule undercoats offer a variety of high-performance surface refinishing characteristics to help improve versatilitya nd productivity.

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