Architectural Color Trends: Perspectives

Architectural Color Forecast: FUSE

The FUSE architectural metal coatings color forecast builds on layers of colorful inspiration. Channeling the creativity and expertise of architects and product manufacturers, our forecast identifies how color is influenced by the world around us and what that means for the future of design.

Developed by our team of color experts, FUSE is informed by major societal catalysts and backed by real-world data. The forecast is presented in three curated color collections – Accountability-Centered Technology (ACT), Building Fulfilling Futures (BFF) and Chief Empathy Officer (CEO) – to provide strategic inspiration that will serve architectural metal coatings over the next 3-5 years and beyond.

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Accountability-Centered Technology

Building Fulfilling Futures

Chief Empathy Officer


Pause & Rewind

Accountability-Centered Technology (ACT)

New technologies and accountability must work hand in hand. Businesses have a responsibility to transparency, sustainability and efficiency in their operations, which extends to the ethical building practices entrusted to architects and product manufacturers. The ACT collection reflects this cause with a spectrum of ultramodern color and effect capabilities – from trusted shimmers to revolutionized prints.

ACT Collection

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Building Fulfilling Futures (BFF)

Infrastructure supports, constructs and drives not only the physical elements of our lives but also our emotional and cybernetic connections. The BFF collection builds new realms of design with colors that help us relate to tangible and intangible spaces. Venture into your architectural future with the familiar framework of nature-inspired hues or the dazzling shimmer of new construction.

BFF Collection

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Chief Empathy Officer (CEO)

Successful decision-makers weave empathy into every stage of design. Architects and product manufacturers amplify creations by choosing pigments, textures and effects with intention. These careful considerations open new doors to design, such as high-chromas, metal-inspired hues or dynamic neutrals.

Fast Forward Collection

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