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Sherwin-Williams Approved Extrusion Applicators

Sherwin-Williams is here to make sure that you find the right extrusion coating applicator for your architectural, manufacturing and building product applications and projects.

Become a Sherwin-Williams Approved Applicator

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Elite Applicators

Our Elite Applicator Program is focused on quality, safety and service. As part of a continuing education system, Sherwin-Williams provides applicators with knowledgeable solutions they can use in the building products industry.

This literally isn't just paint. Our stunning, long-lasting metal coating systems include complex resins, pigments and solvents that must be applied within state-of-the-art facilities by one of two processes: continuous coil and extrusion.

Coil coatings are applied to coil-formed metal sheets. The metal is unwound, cleaned, treated, primed, painted and baked before being coiled again and shipped for product forming. Extrusion coatings are applied during manufacturing. Aluminum preformed extrusions are cleaned and pretreated before going through a spray process, then they are thermally cured so the metal coating system can set.

Each one of the applicators listed below has been officially approved to apply Sherwin-Williams (formerly Valspar) coatings such as aluminum extrusions, metal roofs, appliances, wall panels and curtain walls, window trim and exterior doors, soffits and facias, and much more.

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