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Sherwin-Williams Solutions for Sign Coaters

First impressions are crucial. All over the world, brands and businesses depend on signage to be the first interaction they have with potential customers. At Sherwin-Williams, our color experts have developed a forecast that features key trends you’ll see in the sign market for the next 3-5 years. Once you’ve identified the perfect color, our industrial facilities and technical experts are ready to meet your needs and formulate coatings products that stand the test of time.



At the Sherwin-Williams DesignHouse in Minneapolis, our team of designers work hard to develop innovative and unique colors for sign manufacturers. One of our specialties is trend spotting, and our trend program can help you identify key colors that will be popular in the sign market for the next three to five years.

Our overarching theme for the trends seen in 2020 is OWN. OWN dives into understanding how consumers, businesses, industries, markets and products are going to move forward in the future. Within this theme, we have three stories that feature different colors, materials and finishes: The Adapter, The Alchemist and The Advocate.

Our sign fan deck draws inspiration from the OWN with over 1,600 colors created specifically for sign coaters. All coatings in the fan deck have been hand-matched in our GENESIS® Lustral coating, and include satin and full gloss levels, allowing for easy selection.

In addition to offering a wide array of colors, we also provide The Aurora™ Color System – an intuitive web-based resource for color matching and storing custom color formulas. The system grants access to powerful tools for product knowledge and color customization, tracks and reports environmental data, and unlocks color formula libraries.


Our company-owned industrial facilities staffed by local finishing experts are additional resources for our customers. These facilities are geared toward servicing manufacturing plants and are strategically placed to ensure that we remain close for the convenience of our customers. At our facilities, you have access to locally stocked materials such as primers, toners, reducers and clearcoats. We can also help with pre-made colors and larger batches so you don’t have to mix as frequently.


Our GENESIS Lustral topcoat, has been a polyurethane staple in the automotive fleet and refinish business for many years. The product line is based on automotive grade properties, including high-performance pigments, and is the preference of many sign coaters because of its easy to mix material and application.

Our system has low gloss and high gloss mixing, along with 47 toners, to help you achieve the maximum color range and the correct gloss level without having to add a clearcoat over top. With the mix bank, you can match formulations available in the Aurora system, making it easy to search, find and make your color. Additionally, the mix bank allows a minimum mix material of only a half a pint, enabling you to reduce waste. The installation of a mix bank will reduce waste, improve throughput times and make finishing operations more efficient.  


Supporting your business means going beyond the initial set up of the mix bank. We strive to be your one-stop shop for all of your finishing needs and have invested in the right tools to make sure that we can provide our customers with the best color. Our team of technical experts, sales representatives and facilities are here to help your business excel through painter training, color matching, onsite product assistance, troubleshooting, suggestions to optimize your finishing process and more.

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