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Our dedicated local facilities and world-class coatings technologies are a winning combination that expertly covers the entire finishing process, delivers high-quality finished products, and improves efficiency and productivity in your shop

New Sign Metallic Fan Deck

The new color tool features a full range of colors, including neutral metallics, geared towards sign coaters.


Solutions for Sign Builders Webinar Recording

You'll learn how we can help sign manufacturers operate more efficiently with new products, processes, service and technical support.  

Color: Sherwin-Williams sign coatings are created from automotive-grade pigments and urethane chemistries. Colors for these products are managed in the Aurora Color System, which contains thousands of pre-matched industry colors in a full range of gloss levels. Aurora allows you to make custom colors and adjustments, ensuring color consistency and effortless quality control for every job.

Speed: In-stock products and readily available colors processed by local Sherwin-Williams facilities get to you quickly and allow you to satisfy your customers’ standard or custom-matched color requests. New sign coating technologies also reduce time from start to stack-and-ship, and reduce dry times to maintain a long workable pot life.

Service: Sherwin-Williams has serviced the products finishing market for more than 150 years. We have in-house sign finishing experts, and local, company-owned color and production facilities across North America. Work directly with us to take advantage of innovative coating technologies and maximize production and quality on your line.

GENESIS Lustral Translucent Coatings

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