In-Stock Powder Programs

Look to Sherwin-Williams General Industrial coatings for in-stock products and unparalleled service.  Our facilities offer a full line-up of in-stock powder coatings tailored to your business, to ensure your operations run efficiently and help you deliver to your customers on time.

From our RAL and Powdura 4000 and Powdura 4000 Anodite collections, which have been designed to meet tough architectural specifications, to our coatings that offer a wide variety of flexible technologies in a broad color space, to carefully selected black and white powder coatings, we are confident that you will find what you've been looking for. 

With more than 475 stocked powders available from 14 manufacturing and distribution sites, and locally from 77 locations across North America, we’ve got you covered. 

Familiarize yourself with our RAL and architectural in-stock coatings, and learn more about our other powder coatings and color matching capabilities by navigating through the jump links on the page. Additionally, click on the button below to download our Powdura color card, which offers a wide array of in-stock colors in multiple technologies. 


Download the Powdura Color Card

In-Stock RAL Powder Coatings

Our Powdura® RAL Series of TGIC-Free polyester powder coatings are designed to meet or exceed AAMA 2603 specifications, and offer superior weatherability across 188 in-stock colors.

In-Stock Architectural Powder Coatings

Our Powdura 4000 and Powdura 4000 Anodite both feature in-stock powder coatings, formulated with super durable polyester resins and solar-reflective pigments. They are designed to meet or exceed AAMA 2604 specifications.

Color Express Color Matching

The ColorReaderPRO is an easy-to-use handheld color matching and measurement tool that allows professionals to match or measure color in their operations quickly. The portable device works stand-alone or through a mobile app to provide enhanced features, such as additional color information or fan deck visualization, on a mobile device. The ColorReaderPRO is simple to calibrate onsite and comes loaded with Sherwin- Williams in-stock powder products so you can start matching on day one.

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