From the Show Floor at High Point Furniture Market

Our industrial wood color material and finish expert, Eric Crosby, recently attended High Point Funiture Market and reported back on the top themes he saw.


Autumnal Colors

Sienna, Aubergine and other authentically natural hues including true autumnal yellows and reds were in full force at this Fall’s High Point Market. Green shades can offer a calm counterbalance to the fierier colors.

Soulful, Stabilizing Finishes

The fashion world has been dressing in shades of soft yellow and cream for the past few years. For the home this means buttery yellow on accent pieces.

For the more contemporary-minded person that wants some warmth in their interior design, the ideal choice would be ‘wheat’ colors in shades of barely there pale creams.

Download our brochure to learn more trends that were seen at High Point Furniture Market 2023!

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