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SHER-WOOD® EA Hydroplus™ Waterborne Topcoat

Next-Generation Waterborne Wood Coatings with innovative application and performance characteristics

Opting for a waterborne wood coating doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your finish appearance or productivity.

With SHER-WOOD® EA Hydroplus™ Waterborne Topcats, you can enjoy the environmental benefits of a waterborne wood coating while delivering the application efficiency, finish appearance, and long-term performance that your customers rely on. 

This revolutionary waterborne topcoat can be applied across a wide spectrum of environmental conditions without the productivity-sapping performance and finish appearance trade-offs that are commonly associated with traditional waterborne coatings.

Sherwood EA Hydroplus waterborne topcoat container

Sher-Wood® EA Hydroplus™ Waterborne Topcoat

Next generation pigmented and clear waterborne acrylic coatings.

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Product Benefits:

Finish Quality

  • Elevate appearance of your product with a finish approaching solventborne
  • Improve wood color reliability and repeatability with the Sherwin-Williams Color Express Program, available for EA Hydroplus products
  • Achieve better results through the excellent hide and appearance capabilities our topcoat offers


  • Our EA Hydroplus Topcoat is designed to be used across a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions. See more here. 
  • Reduce the need for touchups and rework with an improved application quality


  • EA Hydroplus Topcoats meet key regulations as a low-VOC waterborne product
  • An easy clean up reducing the need for harsh chemicals
  • Improve safety profile with reduced storage and transportation requirements

Sher-Wood® EA Hydroplus™ Waterborne Topcoat Brochure

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On-Demand Color with Color Express

SHER-WOOD® EA Hydroplus™ Waterborne Topcoat is on the Color Express platform.

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