SHER-WOOD® EA Hydroplus™ Waterborne Topcoat

Next-Generation Waterborne Coatings with innovative application and performance characteristics

Choosing a waterborne coating doesn’t mean sacrifices in productivity or finish. You can still receive the environmental benefits of a waterborne while delivering the application efficiency, outstanding appearance and long-term performance that your customers count on with SHER-WOOD EA Hydroplus Topcoat.

This revolutionary waterborne topcoat can be applied across a wide spectrum of environmental conditions without the productivity-sapping performance trade-offs commonly associated with waterborne coatings.

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• Elevate appearance of your product with a finish approaching solventborne
• Improve your color reliability and repeatability from the Sherwin-Williams Color Express program
• Reduce labor while achieving better results through excellent hide and appearance capabilities


• Keep your application process in motion across a wide spectrum of temperature and humidity conditions
• Reduce touchups and rework from improved application quality
• Eliminate steps with a self-seal system


• Meet key regulations through the greatly reduced VOCs of a waterborne coating
• Reduce the need for harsh chemicals for clean up and disposal of waste
• Improve safety profile with reduced storage and transportation requirements

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SHER-WOOD EA Hydroplus is on our Color Express Platform!

Your reputation rests on speed, quality and consistency. From batch to batch, from product to product, deliver color your customers can count on with the Color Express program from Sherwin-Williams.


Forget What You Think You Know About Waterborne Coatings

Don’t fall for myths and misperceptions about waterborne coatings.

Seize the benefits provided by waterborne solutions from Sherwin-Williams, including the revolutionary new SHER-WOOD® Environmentally Adaptive (EA) Hydroplus™ coating technology.


Waterborne wood coatings are traditionally known for being susceptible to enviornmental variables compared to their solventborne counterparts

Read more from our experts on why SHER-WOOD EA Hydroplus coating technology may change waterborne performance as we know it.

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