Sherwin-Williams Color Express Program

Our solution for quick, precise, and efficient color delivery.

Choosing color is an immersive and key experience for your customers. In fact, color is the key influencer in purchasing behavior.

Our Color Express program gives you the capability to provide custom color efficiently and consistently while simultaneously elevating your color position.

Paint & Coating Mismatches Can Cost You.

In today’s marketplace, delivering custom and accurate colors quickly is pivotal in meeting your customers expectations. This can be a challenge without a proper color matching and management system in place. 

Holding onto excess inventory to meet demand can put a strain on your operations, all while color mismatches can damage reputation and trust, leading to missed or strained business partnerships.  Speed is also of utmost importance as your rate of production depends on having the right colors and color tools where and when you need them.

It's with these challenges in mind that Sherwin-Williams developed its exclusive Color Express™ System for industrial wood shops, a new way for you to remain nimble in delivering the color your customers demand without interruption to your production processes.

With access to Sherwin-Williams thousands of on-trend colors available for wood finishing, and in quantities you need, it's never been easier to quickly and reliably deliver custom colors via an on-deman color matching solution. 


Offering on-demand color variety can be a significant operational challenge for small- to -medium-sized industrial wood shops. Offering numerous color options can involve holding onto extra inventory, and if you don’t have extra on hand, you’re at the mercy of your color supplier to deliver an exact match quickly

Heather Becker

Director of Product Management, Sherwin-Williams Industrial

What’s at Stake?

When it comes to color sourcing, there are two standard options: hold onto color inventory until it’s needed, or order new coating colors as needed. The former enables greater access to on-hand coating colors, but is not efficient for space or cost effective. If holding inventory isn’t an option, you need to have a reliable supplier that has a fast turnaround for color delivery- lest your pace of production grind to a halt. 

When it comes to your vendors, just as important as speed is color accuracy and repeatability. Your customers want to know exactly what they’re getting, and what’s more, they want the confidence that your products will match color-for-color every time.

“Color repeatability is incredibly important to a wood shop’s reputation,” said Becker. “Because your customers don’t care if your paint or coating supplier is the one responsible for a mismatch or inaccuracy, but they’ll remember they received inconsistent products from you.”

performance coating design house wood shop

Ready to Integrate Custom Color Matching Into Your Manufacturing Process?

Find out how the Sherwin-Williams DesignHouse for Performance Coatings can help your business effectively integrate custom color matching solutions into your products, delivering a complete solution to customers. 

Want More Information on the Color Express Program?

Want more information on how Color Express can boost your coating operations?

The Power of Color at Your Fingertips

Color Express was designed with each of these challenges in mind, and is designed to alleviate them by delivering:


Color Express gets you the colors you need, fast. Sherwin-Williams expansive distribution network means you’re never far from the color you need—and we’ll get it to you within 24 hours.


The Color Express System delivers accurate colors via a consistent base system, a set of highly controlled universal colorants, and optimal dispensing equipment. Our color delivery components are thoroughly tested to ensure the highest-quality finishes every time.


The Color Express product lineup includes wood finishes that have been selected based on strong performance and repeatability. Each product has been matched to thousands of colors from our Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap fan deck.

“We work diligently with our industrial wood customers to understand the operational pressures they face and how we can best help support them. Color Express is a direct result of those collaborative efforts. We eliminate the need for holding extra color inventory, and through our proprietary system, you can rest assured that you’ll obtain an exact match for your color needs time and time again.”

Heather Becker

Product Marketing Director

Product Technologies

ColorExpress solutions are available in a range of proven Sherwin-Williams technologies, including:

Available Solvent-Borne Technologies:

  • Conversion Varnish Primer
  • Standard Conversion Varnish Topcoat
  •  275 VOC Conversion Varnish Topcoat
  •  Precatalyzed Lacquer
  • Polyurethane
  •  Wiping Stain

Available Waterborne Technology:

  • Waterborne Acrylic Topcoat

Coming Soon Solvent-Borne Technologies:

  • Vinyl Basecoat
  • Spray Stain
  • 275 VOC Precatalyzed Lacquer
  • High solids topcoat and primer

Sher-Wood® EA Hydroplus™ Waterborne Topcoat

Interested in our new waterborne top coat, avaialble on the Color Express platform?

Looking for Inspiration?

The Color Express System is backed by our comprehensive set of color tools to help you stay in front of shifting customer demands, including:
  • ColorSnap® Fan Deck. Each product in the Color Express portfolio has been hand matched to our ColorSnap fan deck, enabling you to provide your customers with thousands of options.
  •  Trend Forecasts. From kitchen cabinets to building products, Sherwin-Williams delivers palettes that have been hand-selected by Sherwin-Williams color and design experts.
  • Color Visualizer. Our Color Visualizer can help you drive your core color strategy, providing an enriched experience as consumers envision what your products, blended with Sherwin-Williams colors, could look like in their home.
  •  DATACOLOR® ColorReaderPRO. If you’re looking for a way to help your customers quickly identify their desired color while boosting your productivity, the ColorReaderPRO is your solution. This easy-to-use tool provides quick, reliable color matching to meet your needs.

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