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You know that the products coming off your finishing line are much more than just the coating that covers them. So do we.

Whether your focus is on efficiency, performance, aesthetics or all of the above, we provide support throughout your finishing process. 

We strive to make your job easier with the right people, tools and technology to support your needs with comprehensive services and programs. We're with you every step of the way — from start to a great finish.  

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No matter what industry you serve, we have you covered with wood coating systems that give your products a competitive edge.

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With 76 blending facilities across North America, we are at your service and ready to provide solutions for all of your coating needs.

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On-site Technical Representatives
Experience all the finishing knowledge and skills of Sherwin-Williams, as a seamless part of your organization.
Design Engineering
Maximize production efficiencies and take your throughput to a new peak of performance.
Finishing Systems
Identify the right finishing equipment and process to improve your cycle time and get the most from your Sherwin-Williams wood coatings.



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Get in touch with your local Sherwin-Williams representative to learn more about how we can be your complete finishing solution.

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