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Color and Design

Vibrant or muted, bold or calm, color and finish make all the difference in the world of wood finishing.

Whether it’s exquisite finish techniques or new directions in color, we live at the forefront of what's trending. We don’t just identify the upcoming trends — we shape the future of color as we help you stand out and establish new standards in your market, and then help you bring them to life on your products.

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Our DesignHouse in Greensboro, NC, brings you the latest in wood finish trends and helps you make them a reality on your wood products.

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Color Tools and Resources

Get inspired to bring your next great finish to life on your products at our DesignHouse in Greensboro, North Carolina.
Color Trends
Stay ahead of trending finishes in the kitchen cabinet, flooring, furniture, and building products industries with forecasts developed by our color experts.
Virtual Panel Studio
Discover, manage and share hundreds of colors and wood finishes with this online inspiration tool, available exclusively to product developers and designers.
Color Visualizer
Simplify your customers' purchasing process with a customizable online visualiization tool for kitchen cabinet and building product manufacturers.
Color Express
Expand your custom color offering quickly and profitably with the Color Express System — the perfect solution for precise color delivery.
Aurora Color System
Make your operational goals a reality with the Aurora Color System, an intuitive online resource for matching, storing, and retrieving preloaded and custom color formulas.
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