Drum, Pail, Paint can

Drum and Pail Coatings

Technologies to meet manufacturers’ specific food and non-food requirements for steel drums, pails, paint cans, closing rings, flanges and plugs. These include: conventional coatings, high solids coatings, powder, and water-based technologies.

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System quality and performance have helped to make Sherwin-Williams a leader in the North American steel can coatings industry. Can coating systems by Sherwin-Williams are designed with the ability to provide interior commodity protection and exterior durability. 

Sherwin-Williams has coordinated with paint can manufacturers to create a product line suitable for your paint can coating applications; bodies (interior and exterior), ends, rings, plugs, and side seam stripes. The steel container industry produces the pails and drums required to package the commercial products of modern industry. Many of these products require the usage of chemically resistant linings. Offerings include conventional cure, low temperature cure and low VOC linings.

Product Range:

  • Interior and exterior of drum, pail, & paint can bodies, ends, paint can rings and plugs
  • Side seam stripes
  • Capable of holding a wide range of product chemistries
  • Solvent-based products
  • Hard-to-hold
  • Latex based products


  • High solids solvent-based
  • Powder and water-based technologies (specific food and non-food requirements)
  • Product range provides chemical and physical resistance and processing capabilities
  • Epoxy-Phenolic based coatings for improved flexibility and resistance to alkaline products
  • Phenolic based coatings provide acid and solvent resistance
  • Rust inhibitors and size coats
  • valPure® non-BPA* technologies 


  • Superior flexibility for fabrication
  • Optimal interior commodity protection for diverse product lines
  • Chemical resistant linings
  • Enhanced plug retention performance

valPure non-BPA Coating Solutions

Learn more about our valPure® line of products supported by our rigorous Safety by Design development protocol.

*Non-BPA - This designation indicates that the coating technology is based on polymeric components that are not derived from Bisphenol A.

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