New Sherwin-Williams Game-Changing Novolac Tank Lining Accelerates Lining Applications, Enables Faster Returns to Service

Easy-to-Apply Nova-Plate® 360 Tank Lining Offers Single-Leg Lining Applications for High-Temperature, High-Pressure Tanks

CLEVELAND, OHIO (July 30, 2019) – Asset owners and coatings applicators can accelerate their lining applications and minimize asset downtime with the new Nova-Plate 360 tank lining from Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings. The high-solids, flake-reinforced, novolac-based tank lining features single-leg spraying (along with plural airless spray capabilities), as well as the option to include Optically Activated Pigments (OAP) to enhance application success and streamline tank inspections, resulting in return-to-service times as fast as 24 hours. Once in the field, Nova-Plate 360 tank lining delivers unparalleled chemical resistance and performance. The product is also PTFE-enhanced, which eases tank cleaning processes and reduces the amount of time assets are out of service.

With Nova-Plate 360 tank lining, we not only offer ease of application with single-leg spraying, but also we have enabled returns to service within a day and delivered outstanding chemical resistance – all in the same package.

Bruce Toews

Global Market Director, Oil & Gas

Nova-Plate 360 tank lining is designed to protect the interiors of steel tanks and vessels from aggressive chemicals stored and processed at high temperatures and high pressures. Such temperatures and pressures are commonly found in oil and gas processing applications, as well as in railcar asset interiors.

A combination of factors contributes to accelerated lining applications when using Nova-Plate 360 tank lining. First, the single-leg spraying capability of the Nova-Plate 360 lining reduces the complexity of coating applications by eliminating the need for plural-component spraying. Second, the coating cures quickly, enabling asset owners to return tanks to service within 24 hours. Third, the coating features a high film build, enabling applicators to protect most assets in a single coat, which eliminates an entire application step compared to two-coat systems.

“Many applications and applicators need an easier-to-apply lining system that offers greater flexibility because they do not use the specialized equipment required for plural-component spraying,” said Bruce Toews, Global Market Director – Oil & Gas for Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings. “With Nova-Plate 360 tank lining, we not only offer ease of application with single-leg spraying, but also we have enabled returns to service within a day and delivered outstanding chemical resistance – all in the same package.”

“Based on the application characteristics and performance testing conducted to date, Nova-Plate 360 tank lining has excellent chemical and temperature resistances,” said Darryl Corbin, Senior Product Manager for Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings. “It will offer outstanding performance in high-temperature immersion environments.”

Nova-Plate 360 tank lining is formulated with a colored Part B that enables efficient and defect-free application by showing complete mixing during single-leg application, and a uniform color when applying through plural equipment. In addition, there is an OAP version which allows for a visual identification of pinholes, holidays or discontinuities in the lining during application, significantly reducing the inspection time and need for touch-up.

Nova-Plate 360 tank lining is now available through the extensive Sherwin-Williams distribution network across North America. For more information, visit

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