Resudeck™ IV

Formerly Traffic 4 - An elastomeric, medium to heavy traffic decking system for new or old concrete in need of waterproofing and/or repair.

A waterproof decking system for new or old concrete, comprised of a primer, an elastomeric urethane basecoat, and two coats of an aromatic polyurea. This system helps protect against spalling, freeze/thaw damage, and chemicals commonly encountered on interior and exterior deck surfaces.

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  • Resudeck™ FLB

    Formerly Tennant FLB - A single-component, moisture cured elastomeric waterproofing base membrane.

  • Resudeck™ FLI

    Formerly Eco-FLI - A flexible intermediate coat and topcoat for use in the Resudeck™ IV System.

  • Resudeck™ FLP/E

    Formerly Eco-FLP/E - A flexible epoxy primer for use in Resudeck Decking Systems.

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