Resuflor™ Performance HPS

Formerly Performance HPS - A three-coat high-performance system with gloss finish.

This three-layer system uses high-solids products with low odor and low VOC. It is applied with two coats of epoxy and topcoated with a light stable and chemical resistant urethane, Resutile™ HPS 100, providing both durability and a beautiful reflective finish. May typically be applied indoors during working hours.

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  • Resutile™ HPS 100

    Formerly Eco-HPS 100 - A low odor/low VOC, chemical resistant, aliphatic, high performance topcoat with a gloss finish.

  • Resuflor™ MPE

    Formerly Eco-MPE - A low-odor, high solids epoxy that self-levels for easy application.

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