Resuflor™ Deco Quartz SD

Formerly Ceramic Carpet 400 SD. This system combines the aesthetics and wear of quartz flooring with electrostatic protection.

Resuflor Deco Quartz SD provides an aesthetic and slip resistant decorative resinous flooring solution that is ideal for use in electronics manufacturing facilities, clean rooms, laboratories and computer rooms.

Products available for this system:

  • Resuprime 3579

    A two-component, high-solids, clear or pigmented epoxy primer and binder resin.

  • Resutile 4620E

    A two-component, static dissipative polyurethane enamel.

  • Resuflor™ Aqua 3424

    A two-component, black, water-based epoxy primer for conductive or static dissipative coatings, slurry and mortar systems.

  • Resuflor™ 3564

    A two-component, high-solids epoxy binder resin.

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