Resuflor Topfloor FX23

Formerly Epo-Flex Industrial. An industrial flooring system combining Resuflor Topfloor with a hard aggregate to provide a tough traffic bearing system.

Resuflor™ Topfloor FX23 combines Resuflor Topfloor with hard aggregate to provide a tough traffic bearing system. Flexibility is achieved without the use of plasticizers or other additives that can separate or migrate as the system ages. This means that the product remains flexible and continues to function for many years. Fiberglass scrim may be incorporated into the system to add tensile strength. Resuflor Topfloor FX23 provides waterproofing with the ability to bridge hairline cracks up to 1/16". The use of a hard aggregate provides abrasion, impact resistance, and skid inhibition properties. Various topcoats can be specified to provide protection against water, oils, chemicals, and ultraviolet light.

Products available for this system:

  • Resutile 4687

    A two-component, ultra high-solids, aliphatic urethane finish.

  • Resuflor 3555

    A two-component, high-solids, chemical-resistant elastomeric epoxy.

  • 5310

    Dry Silica Sand

  • Resuprime 3579

    A two-component, high-solids, clear or pigmented epoxy primer and binder resin.

  • Resuflor 3746

    A two-component, recoatable epoxy and binder resin.

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