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Bar and Beverage Area Flooring

Bars or beverage areas in restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, bars, or other environments require flooring that is attractive, sanitary, durable and low maintenance. These spaces are busy, spills happen frequently and the concrete takes a beating from heavy storage containers of alcohol or other liquids, so the ideal flooring for bars and beverage areas can withstand daily wear and tear and also look good doing it. Sherwin-Williams bar and beverage area flooring solutions are specially designed to meet the unique needs of the food service industry. Whether you are looking for flooring for behind the bar or where customers are served, our high performance flooring solutions are the ideal choice.

Attractive and Easy-to-Clean Flooring for Beverage and Bar Areas

The flooring in bars and the beverage areas of other food service facilities must be inviting and attractive. Sherwin-Williams flooring solutions come in a wide range of colors, glosses, and finishes so it’s easier than ever to create an aesthetically pleasing space that patrons and employees alike will enjoy.

Keeping bar and beverage area flooring clean is a constant battle. Fortunately, our food service flooring solutions are seamless, so there are no cracks, crevices, grouts, or joints where liquids can pool or where bacteria can grow. Instead of scrubbing nooks and crannies to clean up sticky residue from spilled beverages, simply wipe up spills with a wet mop.

Our beverage and bar area flooring systems are extremely durable and resistant to chemicals, moisture, thermal shocks, impacts, and abrasions, which means they can withstand not only constant heavy foot traffic but also the harsh cleaning chemicals and heat required to meet food and beverage sanitization standards.

For bar or beverage area flooring that is non-slip, low maintenance, and stylish, look no further than Sherwin-Williams High Performance Flooring.

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