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Industry Resources

aircraft parked on aviation flooring
Aircraft, Aviation and Aerospace Flooring
Sherwin-Williams aviation and aerospace industry flooring is specially formulated for hangars, avionics shops, and maintenance bays. Learn more here.
Airport Flooring
Sherwin-Williams airport flooring is specially formulated for terminals, concourses, and baggage claim areas. Learn more here.
Animal and Veterinary Flooring
Sherwin-Williams animal and veterinary flooring systems have all of the benefits your facility needs, from scratch resistance to waterproofing. Learn more here.
heavy duty auto plant flooring
Automotive Facility Flooring
Sherwin-Williams provides a wide range of resinous flooring systems for the automotive industry. Learn more here and get in touch with us today!
Cannabis Facility Flooring
Sherwin-Williams provides seamless, sanitary, and low-maintenance flooring solutions for every area of your cannabis facility. Contact us today!
high gloss auto dealership epoxy flooring
Car Dealership & Showroom Flooring
Sherwin-Williams provides a wide range of resinous flooring systems dealerships and showrooms. Learn more here and get in touch with us today.
Correctional Facility Flooring
Sherwin-Williams provides durable, seamless flooring for jails and prisons. Learn more about our flooring solutions for correctional facilities here.
Education, School & University Flooring
Our seamless flooring solutions for schools, nurseries, colleges, and universities are durable, hygienic, and slip resistant. Learn more here.
EV Battery Manufacturing Flooring Solutions
Sherwin-Williams offers slip-resistant, durable flooring systems specifically engineered for EV battery manufacturing facilities. Learn more here.
Fire & Public Safety Flooring
Sherwin-Williams provides high-quality flooring systems for public safety facilities such as fire halls and police stations. Learn more here and get in touch!
heavy duty food plant flooring
Food and Beverage Flooring
Food & beverage processing plants have unique flooring needs. Sherwin-Williams offers commercial floor coatings to help you meet USDA, FDA, OSHA and other standards.
Food Service Flooring
Sherwin-Williams provides seamless flooring systems that are specifically formulated for the food service industry. Learn more and get in touch today!
Grocery and Retail Store Floors
Sherwin-Williams offers a variety of durable and attractive flooring options designed specifically for grocery and retail stores. Learn more - get in touch today!
Hospitality and Entertainment Industry Flooring
Sherwin-Williams provides a wide range of attractive, seamless resin flooring solutions for all areas of hospitality and entertainment facilities. Learn more here!
Heavy duty epoxy flooring in an industrial manufacturing facility
Industrial Manufacturing Flooring
Industrial manufacturing facilities subject their floors to extreme wear and tear. Learn about the benefits of Sherwin-Williams’ industrial manufacturing flooring.
Logistics Facility Flooring
Sherwin-Williams provides a wide range of resinous and epoxy flooring systems for warehouse logistics facilities. Learn more here and get in touch with us today!
Medical Flooring Solutions
Sherwin-Williams understands the unique safety and hygiene concerns of healthcare facilities. Learn more about our medical flooring solutions and contact us today!
Multi-Purpose Flooring
Explore high performance flooring designed for use in the various spaces found in nearly every industry and facility.
Pharmaceutical Flooring Systems
Sherwin-Williams provides a wide range of seamless flooring systems for the pharmaceutical industry, including manufacturing facilities, labs and clean rooms, and pharmacies.
Semiconductor Manufacturing Flooring
Sherwin-Williams provides safe and durable flooring solutions that are engineered for semiconductor manufacturing and fabrication facilities. Learn more here.
Stadium and Arena Flooring
Our flooring solutions for stadiums and arenas deliver high durability, excellent resistance to wear, and customized slip-resistance. Learn more and get in touch!

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