Aviation & Aerospace Flooring

Flooring for aviation, aerospace, and aircraft facilities must perform under the rigorous conditions of daily operations and cleanings, yet retain its beautiful, highly reflective finish over the long term. Sherwin-Williams takes pride in offering resilient resin floors that excel in enduring the most demanding conditions. These high-quality surfaces are built to withstand the challenges of heavy-wheeled traffic, heavy aircraft, and point loads with ease. 

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Heavy-duty Flooring for  Hangars, Manufacturing and Aircraft Facilities

Our robust resinous coating systems are well-suited for busy workshops, where continuous maintenance work, storage, and distribution operations are the norm. Moreover, our flooring solutions have a proven track record, having been installed worldwide in aircraft hangars for several decades. They have been trusted in diverse projects, spanning from large multi-bay B-747 and Airbus 320 facilities to smaller hangars accommodating light aircraft and helicopters. Whether you need a floor coating system for a private jet hangar, army base or a major aviation hub, our solutions give you the lasting security and pristine aesthetics you’re looking for.

Durable Aircraft Flooring with a Decorative Appeal

High standards are the norm in the aviation industry, which demands the same level of excellence in its facility floor coatings. From aesthetics to durability and safety, the right flooring in aviation​ and aerospace facilities can make all the difference in the overall success of day-to-day operations.

Sherwin-Williams floor coating systems are a proven solution for the aviation and aerospace industry, with benefits including:

  • Outstanding chemical resistance and stain resistance
  • Low maintenance and efficient cleanability
  • Excellent durability and lifecycle value
  • Choice of skid resistance options
  • High gloss and satin finishes available
  • Industry leading abrasion resistance to withstand heavy traffic
  • Compressive strength to bear the weight of aircraft
  • Impact resistant options for areas with dropped tools
  • Safety markings, walkway demarcation and line striping
  • Company floor logos, creative design and custom options

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