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Airplane hangars are busy, challenging workspaces. Planes can drip oil and other aviation fluids on the floor, tools and heavy equipment can get dragged across or dropped, and employees are navigating the hangar floor, crossing paths and trying not to collide with machinery. With the extreme weight of aircraft and other heavy equipment, potentially slippery surfaces from spilled liquids, and constant foot traffic, airplane hangar flooring has to withstand serious punishment. To help protect employees, machinery, and the concrete slab itself, hangars must have protective flooring that is durable, easy to clean, resistant to chemicals, and slip-inhibiting. Additionally, aircraft hangar flooring should have a reflective surface to help brighten the large space and provide a sleek, upscale appearance over the long term.

Durable and Easy-to-Clean Hangar Flooring

The flooring of airplane hangars is subjected to heavy wear and tear from aircraft, vehicles, and other equipment. When this machinery and equipment is transported across the hangar, or if it is dropped or dragged along the floor, it can damage the concrete and create an unsafe working environment. Hangar facilities need flooring that is resilient enough to withstand the weight of this equipment as well as resist scratches, scrapes, and other damage. Additionally, airplane hangar flooring systems should be easy to clean, enabling messes to be taken care of quickly without shutting down maintenance operations.

Aircraft hangar flooring can be frequently exposed to aviation fuels, oil, grease, corrosive liquids, water, chemicals, lubricants, waxes, and fluids such as the Skydrol® and Hyjet® commonly utilized in plane maintenance. Long-term exposure to these spills can degrade the surface of unprotected concrete surfaces and seep into and through uncoated slabs to cause harm to the surrounding environment. Thus, selecting and installing an optimal flooring solution is important to creating a hangar environment that is safe inside and out.

With so many people working and traversing the hangar space, along with equipment and aircraft being transported across the hangar floor, it is essential to prioritize a safe, clean, and efficient operation. Hangar flooring should have slip-resistant properties as well as reflect overhead lighting in support of  good visibility to help employees easily see spills or dropped tools.

Long-Lasting Aircraft Hangar Floor Coatings for Maximum Safety and Visibility

Sherwin-Williams aircraft hangar epoxy flooring solutions are designed to hold up against impact and the weight of heavy machinery and vehicles, including aircraft, forklifts and trucks. Our high performance flooring selection includes highly abrasion-resistant systems that offer industry-leading protection from scrapes and wear. These long-lived systems demonstrate proven longevity in the high use environments found in busy maintenance, FBO and MRO hangars. This exceptional durability is a requirement of air hangar flooring, and Sherwin-Williams resinous flooring systems are up for the challenge.

Our resinous hangar flooring systems offer outstanding chemical resistance, with thorough protection from harsh aviation fluids. Additionally, the Sherwin-Williams High Performance Flooring portfolio includes electrostatic dissipative floor systems to help protect sensitive electronics in avionics hangars. Aviation managers need look no further than our hangar flooring selection for a complete set of solutions for their facility.

We have created our aircraft hangar floor coatings with safety in mind. In busy hangar environments crowded with personnel and aircraft, slips and falls are genuine hazards. Sherwin-Williams hangar flooring offers customizable slip-resistant finishes to accommodate the varying needs of different aviation facilities. Surface traction can be added at specified levels to help improve workplace safety, balancing the texture level with the need for easy and efficient cleaning and maintenance.

Light colored flooring helps reflect overhead and natural light with the large hangar space. Our hangar flooring systems are UV-resistant, enabling them to maintain their original color over time. By helping to brighten the workspace environment, these color-stable, light-reflective finishes help increase visibility, especially for those working beneath large aircraft. Sherwin-Williams hangar flooring can help make it easier for employees to see chemical spills, dropped tools and potential safety hazards.

Sherwin-Williams aircraft hangar floor coating systems offer enduring performance and aesthetics over the long term.

High-Quality Commercial Flooring Solutions for Your Airplane Hangar

Aircraft hangars require durable and long-lasting flooring solutions that can withstand extreme point loads, offer exceptional resistance to chemicals and aviation fluids, and support a safe working environment. For industry-leading aircraft hangar flooring, turn to Sherwin-Williams. Our commercial aircraft hangar epoxy and urethane flooring solutions are specially formulated to hold up in the harsh conditions of aviation hangar environments.

To learn more about our hanger flooring solutions, contact a Sherwin-Williams representative today.

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