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Commercial Lobby Flooring

A lobby is the entryway to a building — the place where visitors' first impressions get made. Every inch of these areas, from the walls to the floors, should welcome guests and be aesthetically pleasing. Our commercial lobby flooring systems are designed to not only be attractive but also durable and low maintenance. They are easy to clean, can withstand heavy foot traffic, and are strong enough to look great for years to come.

Durable, Low Maintenance Flooring for Lobbies

Durability is a must for flooring systems in lobbies. These high-traffic areas not only have to stand up to near-constant use but also protect against damage from moisture, dirt, spills, and impacts.

Since a dirty, stained, or damaged lobby floor is a turn-off to guests, these floors should also be easy to clean and maintain. Seamless flooring systems that protect against cracks, abrasions, and water damage make cleaning up spills and buffing out scuffs easy and fast.

Lobby floors also have high design standards to meet. These areas should appeal to both new and returning guests, blending in with the character of the surrounding building.

Sherwin-Williams lobby flooring systems meet these expectations and more. Our lobby flooring solutions are durable, low maintenance, and slip resistant. Choose from an incredibly wide selection of standard decorative options or design a custom floor that enhances facility aesthetics, stands up to heavy foot traffic, and impresses building occupants and guests. 

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