Locker Room Flooring

Slip resistant, antimicrobial, and durable flooring is essential to locker rooms and shower rooms. Our locker room flooring solutions are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, prevent slips and falls, minimize the risk of mold and mildew growth, and be easy to clean. With Sherwin-Williams locker room flooring systems, you can achieve the perfect balance between non-slip performance, safety standards, and sanitary benefits to create a clean, attractive floor.

Durable & Slip Resistant Commercial Locker Room Flooring

Locker rooms, changing rooms, and shower rooms must be kept clean and sanitary, even as they undergo foot traffic, water, mud, and chemical spills. Locker rooms in stadiums, arenas, entertainment venues, sports fields, and gymnasiums require a durable, seamless surface. When these floors integrate smoothly with drains and showers, they are easier to clean and maintain. And when sports equipment, maintenance tools, or other materials are tracked in or dragged along the locker room floor, a durable surface means it can withstand the heavy abuse.

Meeting hygiene and cleanliness standards is a must in locker rooms. Our locker room flooring solutions are non-porous and antibacterial, which minimizes the growth of bacteria and spread of infections.

Water resistance and slip resistance are key. Sherwin-Williams commercial locker room flooring systems offer a non-slip texture and water resistant finish to keep occupants safe and prevent safety hazards.

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