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Maintenance Shop Flooring

Maintenance shops are busy environments with potentially dangerous equipment around every corner. The flooring of these workspaces must be designed to withstand regular abuse, exposure to corrosive oils and chemicals and thermal shock while maintaining safety above all else. Sherwin-Williams maintenance shop flooring solutions are durable, easy to clean and are resistant to chemicals, thermal shock, moisture, impact and abrasion, depending on the system selected. They offer ideal options for maintenance shops in any industry. With our high performance floor coating products and systems, design a functional, attractive, and long-lasting maintenance shop floor.

Durable and Chemical Resistant Flooring Solutions for Maintenance Shops

The flooring of maintenance shops is consistently exposed to high levels of foot, cart and vehicle traffic, heavy tools being dropped and vibrations. This abuse can significantly damage concrete floors if not properly protected with the right protective coating system. Sherwin-Williams maintenance shop floor coating products offer exceptional durability and can withstand heavy wear and tear over thelong term. Our flooring solutions are designed to protect the concrete substrate for years to come.

Oils, machine and vehicle fluids, acids, cleaning products and other corrosive chemicals present in maintenance shops can also significantly damage concrete. Sherwin-Williams industry-leading maintenance shop flooring systems offer exceptional, long-lasting chemical resistance to help safeguard and preserve facility floor slabs. The selection of seamless, easy to clean surfaces include options that resist moisture and thermal shock, ensuring their ability to protect concrete floors in busy industrial maintenance shops.

Choose from a wide range of standard and unlimited custom colors and blends, as well as choice of gloss and texture levels, to create a safe, low maintenance, chemical resistant and durable maintenance shop floor for employees and customers.

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