Industrial and Manufacturing Flooring

For industrial and manufacturing facilities, resilient resin flooring capable of withstanding heavy traffic is essential. The heavy wear and tear, abrasion, oils, and chemicals characteristic of many manufacturing facilities necessitate industrial-strength flooring that endures serious abuse. Your manufacturing facility’s industrial flooring has to be tough, chemical-resistant, and easy to clean—and our industrial floor coatings and systems meet all these requirements and more. 

Durable, impact resistant floors for production, containment, and manufacturing facilities 

Sherwin-Williams seamless flooring systems stand strong against impacts and can endure the relentless heavy traffic caused by automated machinery and forklifts. These systems are also highly resistant to abrasion and chemicals, ensuring durability and longevity. With a focus on aesthetics, our solutions include light-reflective or single-color systems, elevating the overall appearance of the facility. And to prioritize safety, our hard-wearing floor solutions are designed to be non-slip, offering protection to staff and operators, reducing the risk of trips and falls. No matter the type of manufacturing your facility performs, we have the hard-working concrete floor coatings and finishes to do the job.


Heavy-Duty Flooring to Handle the Demands of Industrial Manufacturing Facilities

You expect the concrete floor coatings and systems you purchase for your manufacturing operation to provide consistent industrial flooring durability and performance. That’s why we formulate our flooring solutions to specifically handle the rigorous demands of manufacturing facilities, warehouses, assembly lines, machine shops, factories, and other places of heavy production. The variety of concrete floor coatings and systems that we offer for manufacturing facilities are available with a broad range of unique performance properties.

Sherwin-Williams floor coating systems are a proven solution for industrial manufacturing facilities, with benefits including:

  • Integral cove base and floors that slope to drain for quick wash-down
  • Reduced maintenance costs with no waxing or polishing required
  • Floors to help protect the structural integrity of facility
  • Outstanding resistance to acid, alkali, solvents, and chemicals
  • Systems capable of very heavy loads and high impact
  • Waterproof flooring underlayment options
  • Moisture tolerant formulations for wet processing facilities
  • Fast-curing systems for minimal downtime
  • Slip-resistant options for increased safety
  • Static and spark reduction flooring systems
  • Thermal shock resistant and steam-cleanable floors
  • Elastomeric systems to help absorb machine vibration
  • Moisture-mitigating systems for slab-on-grade flooring
  • Unlimited selection of standard and custom colors and blends
  • Integrated floor patterns and markings for directing traffic or distinguishing work zones


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