Cafeteria Flooring

Cafeteria floors endure constant abuse from heavy foot traffic, harsh chemicals, frequent cleanings, and spills of acidic liquids. The best school cafeteria flooring is durable, chemical resistant, antimicrobial, and non-slip, all of which promote a clean, hygienic, food-safe eating environment. Sherwin-Williams cafeteria flooring meets all these requirements and more. From food scraps to food fights, our cafeteria flooring is up for the challenge.

Easy-to-Clean and Slip-Resistant Cafeteria Flooring

Individuals dining in cafeterias expect a sanitary, clean, and safe environment where they can enjoy their meal, talk with friends, and take a break from school or work. However, depending on location, cafeterias can quickly become crowded, messy and slippery. Maintaining a hygienic and comfortable environment all starts with the flooring.

Sherwin-Williams cafeteria flooring is designed to withstand abuse from high levels of foot traffic, strong cleaners, and food or beverage spills. Our floors are resistant to chemicals, moisture, bacteria, and is slip-resistant, promoting a safe and sanitary space. Because our cafeteria flooring is exceptionally durable, it can endure over the long-term even when confronted with ongoing foot and cart traffic, frequent cleaning and various spilled substances on a daily basis.

Our cafeteria flooring is seamless, which means that dirt, dust, bacteria, and grime can’t gather in grout lines. It’s also easy to clean, even during the cafeteria’s busiest hours. In addition to these benefits, Sherwin-Williams cafeteria flooring offers customizable slip resistant finishes that support the safety of occupants and workers.

Our unparalleled distribution network, plus technical and sales teams, work together to provide facilities with some of the best commercial, institutional and school cafeteria floor systems on the market. Contact us today to learn more about our cafeteria flooring options.


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