Battery Storage and Charging Area Flooring

Battery storage and charging areas in warehouse, logistics, industrial, or manufacturing facilities require flooring that is durable and offers outstanding impact, chemical, and moisture resistance to protect equipment and prevent damage. Sherwin-Williams chemical and acid resistant solutions are durable, low maintenance and resilient, making them ideal for battery storage and charging areas. Corrosive battery fluids can leak out of storage or charging containers, damaging concrete substrates and seeping into the floor slab and surrounding environment. Our industry-leading, long-lasting battery storage and charging area flooring systems prevent and mitigate damage, thus helping to extend the life of vital facility assets.

Durable and Chemical Resistant Flooring Solutions for Battery Storage & Charging Areas

The flooring of battery storage and charging areas in industrial or manufacturing facilities must be able to withstand constant foot traffic, impacts, abrasions, and as the weight of machinery, equipment, tools, forklifts, pallets, and storage containers without damaging the concrete. Sherwin-Williams flooring solutions are extremely durable and can support daily wear and tear without showing signs of damage like cracking, lifting, or warping.

Our battery storage and charging area flooring systems offer first-rate chemical resistance that protects the concrete substrate from acidic, caustic, corrosive, or hazardous fluids. If storage containers leak or battery acid is spilled on the floor, the topcoat will protect your floor from damage.

Additionally, Sherwin-Williams seamless flooring solutions are easy to clean, low maintenance, and designed to prevent the accumulation of dust, helping to maintain a safe and clean battery storage and charging area. Choose from a wide range of colors and glosses to create a durable, long-lasting, resilient battery storage and charging area for your industrial or manufacturing facility.

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