Containment and Bund Flooring

Many industrial and commercial facilities have designated containment and bund areas where chemicals or other hazardous liquids are stored or processed. Containment and bund areas are designed to prevent liquids from spreading, should any leaks occur. To be effective, containment and bund flooring must be impermeable and resistant to chemicals, as well as extremely durable and impact resistant, to capture spillage and prevent liquids from escaping. Sherwin-Williams high performance flooring solutions offer protection against a wide range of aggressive substance, ensuring optimal protection.

Durable and Long-Lasting Flooring for Containment and Bunds Areas

Containment and bund areas act as a backup to storage tanks and other containers. If a leak occurs, hazardous materials in the tanks—salt, oil, grease, acids, bleach, or other aggressive chemicals—can escape into the surrounding facility or local environment. Therefore, containment areas and bunds rely on durable, impermeable flooring to control the spill and enable proper capture, clean-up and disposal.

Sherwin-Williams containment and bund area flooring solutions are extremely durable and built to withstand the heavy weight of large storage tanks, processing equipment and the materials they contain. Our long-lasting flooring systems are watertight and seamless to prevent leakage, while providing industry-leading resistantce to impact and thermal shock where needed, making them the ideal solution for containment and bund area flooring.

Our containment area and bund flooring systems furnish outstanding chemical resistance, offering impermeability to a range of aggressive materials. Depending on the system, they offer concrete protection against acids, bleach, alkalis and caustics, various petroleum products and other corrosive materials. The resulting watertight, impermeable bund or containment area helps prevents spillage from escaping into the environment.

Where extra protection is needed, a woven mesh or other reinforcement may be incorporated into our flooring systems. Based on facility needs, our team of experts can design a containment and bund flooring solution that exceeds your expectations and protects for years to come.

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