Data Center Flooring

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can cause costly damage to computer systems and other electronics. It's therefore vital that areas where electrical equipment and hardware are stored be designed to prevent ESD damage from the ground up, starting with the floors. Our anti-static flooring is ideal for data centers. It not only controls ESD to help protect electrical equipment but is also seamless, chemical and impact resistant, and easy to clean.

Impact Resistant and Anti-Static Flooring for Data Centers 

Data centers operate 24/7 to help safeguard information stored in the facilities' valuable electric equipment and hardware. From temperature and environmental controls to maintenance requirements, data center infrastructure must be designed to offer maximum protection for sensitive electronics.

Server room flooring and data center flooring needs to be durable and impact resistant to withstand the dropping or dragging of heavy equipment without cracking. The flooring should also be seamless, smooth, and dustproof to enable easy to sweep up soil without getting debris or dust particles trapped in cracks, corners, or crevices.

Electronics do best in a controlled environment. Eliminating dust created by bare concrete, mitigating potential moisture vapor intrusion from beneath slabs-on-grade and including waterproof underlayments on upper level flooring to prevent possible leakage are ways in which customizable floor systems can help protect valuable data center assets.

Our anti-static data center flooring is designed to control ESD and disruptive charges that can damage electronic components, servers, or computer systems. As part of a facility-wide safety program, Sherwin-Williams resinous flooring solutions for data centers and server rooms reliably help control the spontaneous transfer of electrostatic discharge, maintaining floor resistance readings that meet the latest ANSI/ESD standards. Our data center flooring solutions are durable and clean thanks to their chemical, water and impact resistance, and are available in a variety of industrial and decorative options.

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