Control Room Flooring

Control rooms house electronics that are essential to the safety of industrial and commercial facilities. These areas must be designed to prevent static discharge that can damage delicate computing systems, be easy to clean, and maintain a comfortable workspace for employees. Sherwin-Williams high-quality resin flooring portfolio includes systems with electrostatic dissipative (ESD) properties that help limit the transfer of spontaneous electrostatic charges, lowering the risk of damage to surrounding electronics. Our control room flooring systems are also easy to clean, resistant to moisture, durable, and dustproof, supporting a  safe, clean, and static controlled environment.

Durable and Electro-Static Dissipative Flooring for Control Rooms

The flooring of control rooms must withstand constant foot traffic, the weight of heavy machines, and vibrations from electronic equipment that runs 24/7. Computer equipment and security control rooms also require dustproof, watertight, seamless floor coatings to protect both the electronics and the concrete below from damage. Sherwin-Williams control room flooring is extremely durable, low maintenance, and long-lasting, able to tolerate wear and tear without requiring constant interruptions from repairs.

Our control room flooring solutions are also easy to clean. The seamless surface prevents dirt and dust from accumulating in corners, cracks, or crevices, making it easier than ever to quickly clean the floor as needed. Additionally, our flooring products have superior chemical resistance to prevent surface damage and ensure operations continue as scheduled.

Electronics, computers, cameras, and other equipment can be damaged by spontaneous static discharge, so spaces containing these sensitive materials need to minimize static as much as possible. Sherwin-Williams offers a line of ESD flooring systems that are anti-static and help minimize the transfer of electrostatic discharge.

Choose from a wide range of colors and glosses to create a safe, antistatic, and comfortable workspace environment for the control room of your commercial or industrial facility.

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