Aisleway Flooring

Warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and industrial buildings are busy, chaotic workspaces. It’s critically important to design an environment that is safe for workers and visitors, part of which is clearly delineating trafficways, walkways, and aisles on the factory floor. Sherwin-Williams flooring solutions are decorative and durable options for aisleways and corridors in industrial, logistics, or manufacturing facilities. Our flooring products offer high visibility, easy to clean and maintain, and are designed to last for years to come.

Durable and Highly Visible Flooring Solutions for Aisleways 

Aisles and corridors in manufacturing, warehouse, logistics, or industrial facilities see constant foot traffic as well as traffic from vehicles, carts, forklifts, and pallets. Aisleway flooring must be strong enough to withstand this abuse without cracking, scratching, scuffing, or damaging the concrete below. Sherwin-Williams flooring systems are extremely durable and long-lasting, and they are designed to protect your concrete floors from impacts, abrasions, wear and tear, and corrosive chemicals.

Our aisleway flooring solutions are also easy to clean and maintain and built to promote a safe workspace. The seamless surface has no cracks, crevices, grouts, or joints where people can trip or where dirt, bacteria, dust, or grime can gather. Simply sweeping dirt with a broom or wiping up spills with a wet mop is enough to keep the surface clean. Additionally, we offer superior slip resistance to prevent trip and fall injuries, even in wet conditions.

Sherwin-Williams aisleway flooring systems are reflective and highly visible, ensuring people navigating the space on foot or in a vehicle can see markings and avoid hazardous zones. This added visibility, combined with anti-slip properties, promotes a safe workspace.

Choose from a wide range of colors and gloss finishes to create durable, long-lasting, seamless aisleways for employees and visitors.

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