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Bathroom and Restroom Flooring

Restrooms are humid, moist environments. The floors of commercial bathrooms need to be both easy to clean and slip resistant to meet the strict sanitation and safety standards expected by occupants. Sherwin-Williams commercial restroom flooring solutions are stylish and durable, and they are resistant to water, wear and tear, many chemicals, cleaning products and slips. Our flooring systems offer both a slip inhibiting surface and a sanitary environment, ideal for commercial restrooms and bathrooms.

Water Resistant and Durable Commercial Bathroom Flooring

Water, soaps, and cleaning supplies are constantly spilled on the floor of commercial restrooms and bathrooms. The flooring system must be resistant to water and moisture as well as inhibit slips and falls. With a slip-resistant and easy to clean flooring system in place, you can help ensure the safety of your guests and maintain sanitary floors.

Commercial restrooms and bathrooms are also susceptible to heavy foot traffic, so a flooring system that is durable enough to prevent cracking, fading, and warping in the face of wear and tear is vitally important. At the same time, restroom flooring must be aesthetically pleasing and match the decor of the rest of the building, have antimicrobial features to help protect occupants from infection and include surface traction to help offset the risk of slip and fall events.

Our restroom flooring is designed to handle heavy foot and cart traffic, frequent cleaning and sanitizer spills. Install one of our commercial bathroom flooring systems to create a safe, hygienic and comfortable environment for building occupants, visitors and employees.

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