Electronics Assembly Flooring

Rooms where electronics, semiconductors, computers and similar equipment gets assembled must be designed to keep such sensitive devices safe from static electricity, dust, and moisture. Additionally, the flooring in these rooms should be able to withstand heavy weight, impact, and vibration from machinery, some of which runs 24/7. Sherwin-Williams high performance flooring solutions are not only durable and long-lasting but also possess electrostatic dissipative (ESD) properties to help prevent spontaneous electrostatic discharge from damaging the electronics. Our electronics assembly room flooring systems are also easy to clean as well as resistant to dust and moisture, making it easier than ever to maintain a clean, dust-free, waterproof environment.

Durable and Electrostatic Dissipative Flooring for Electronics Assembly Rooms

Depending on the facility, the flooring in electronics assembly rooms can be subjected to a wide range of abuse from heavy, vibrating machinery, fluctuations in temperature from machines giving off heat, and high levels of foot traffic. Highly specialized environments, such as EV battery manufacturing facilities and semiconductor operations, present their own sets of challenges. Regardless of facility, Sherwin-Williams electronics assembly room flooring systems are extremely durable and built to last.  Offering outstanding resistance to a broad range of chemicals as well as scrapes, scratches and impact, our products help keep wear-and-tear to a minimum while providing reliable ESD protection over the long life of the coating system.

Our electronics assembly flooring solutions are seamless, meaning there are no cracks, crevices or grout lines where dust or dirt can accumulate. Sherwin-Williams flooring products help eliminate concrete "dusting" and, with their monolithic surfaces, aide in keeping dust out of the room. Moisture resistant, low maintenance and easy to clean, these flooring solutions — as part of a facility-wide program — offer optimal protection to the equipment found in electronics assembly rooms as well as to the people who work there.

It's well known that electronics are sensitive to static discharge and that random spikes in electrical current can damage microcircuits and other equipment. In response, Sherwin-Williams line of ESD flooring provides consistent readings compliant with ESD/EOD standards. Moreover, no special waxes or treatments are required to maintain optimal static control performance.

Choose from a wide range of colors and decorative options to create a static dissipative, easy-to-clean and durable electronics assembly room for your commercial or industrial facility.

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