Ramp Flooring

From parking garages and loading decks to sidewalks and staircases, ramps are an important part of pedestrian and vehicle traffic areas in commercial and industrial settings. Sherwin-Williams ramp coating solutions are designed to protect the ramp from moisture, scuffs, scrapes, scratches, and thermal shock. Our ramp flooring systems also offer slip resistance, providing a non-skid surface for employees, customers, and the public. Whether the ramp is installed outside or indoors, Sherwin-Williams high-quality ramp flooring solutions support a safe, clean, and comfortable workplace environment.

Durable and Easy-to-Clean Ramp Flooring

Ramps are used by pedestrians as well as those operating wheelchairs, carts, forklifts, trucks and more to navigate industrial and commercial spaces. Ramp surfaces are subjected to foot traffic, spinning wheels and heavy vehicles loaded with products and materials being transported. And as pedestrian and wheeled traffic uses the ramps, dirt, dust, street salt, vehicle fluids and moisture gets tracked in, potentially wearing down and damaging the concrete substrate.

Sherwin-Williams wide variety of ramp flooring solutions are extremely durable, offering a range of performance properties to resist scuffs, scrapes, and scratches as well as damage from impact, thermal shock and exposure to chemicals and corrosive materials. When ramps outside the facility are exposed to temperature changes and moisture, the extreme weather conditions can damage the concrete. Our exterior grade ramp flooring systems help protect the substrate from water damage, salt, and freezing temperatures to help extend the life of the ramp surface.

With our comprehensive line of ramp flooring solutions, managers can choose to customize the non-skid surface to suit their facility needs, helping to prevent slip and fall injuries. Additionally, Sherwin-Williams resin flooring products are seamless, preventing dust and dirt from accumulating in cracks or crevices and making it easier than ever to keep the ramp clean.

Choose from a wide range of colors, designs, and finishes to create safe, slip resistant, and easy-to-clean ramps for your industrial or commercial space.

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