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EV Battery Manufacturing Flooring

In the rapidly evolving landscape of electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing, the demand for specialized high-performance flooring is essential. These floor solutions must be durable enough to handle continuous operations of heavy equipment, moving vehicles and robotics, while being able to withstand exposure to harsh chemicals, such as N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP). They must also help ensure safety with reliable static control and slip-resistance in the presence of carbon black.

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Advanced Flooring Systems Customized for EV Battery Manufacturing Facilities 

EV battery manufacturing demands flooring solutions that can withstand the intense pressures of the production environment and the constant movement of heavy equipment and materials. Sherwin-Williams offers a range of advanced flooring solutions tailored for the unique demands of EV battery manufacturing facilities. Combining safety, efficiency, and sustainability, these flooring systems are designed to meet the specific needs of a high-performance industrial environment. Key features include:

  • NMP Chemical Resistance 
  • Carbon Black Slip Resistance
  • Enhanced Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Control
  • Easy Maintenance and Cleanability
  • Low VOC Materials and Can Contribute to LEED v.4 Credits
  • Moisture Vapor Resistance and Green Concrete Installation 
  • Customizable Color Options for Different Manufacturing Zones
  • Easy and Fast Installation

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Explore this guide for constructing a state-of-the-art facility for electric vehicle and battery innovation, with quick selection criteria for steel coating solutions and resinous flooring systems.

Industry Leading NMP Resistance for Up to 14 Days

Safeguard your facility by selecting a flooring system with proven 14-day NMP chemical resistance when tested under glass for ASTM D1308-20. Designed with a moisture vapor barrier, these flooring systems can be installed over green concrete and offer a trusted balance of slip resistance, cleanability, and abrasion resistance that is 4-6X times greater than the standard epoxy topcoat. Provide the ultimate protection for your flooring when you specify the products below.

7-Day NMP Protection

Contact a flooring expert to learn more about our complete portfolio of EV battery flooring solutions, including systems with 7-day NMP protection.

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High Performance Flooring for Static Control

Protect plant personnel and highly sensitive areas with our Resuflor SDU EV product. This epoxy based system features a urethane topcoat and is specially designed for electrostatic discharge (ESD) control. Designed with a moisture vapor barrier, this system also delivers enhanced moisture control.

Decorative High Performance Flooring

Need decorative flooring that can be used in facility offices and restrooms? Look no further. Our Resuflor DSS EV is a seamless decorative stone slurry flooring system that provides stain and odor resistance and delivers a beautiful aesthetic.

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Additional Solutions for EV Battery Manufacturing Facilities

Beyond flooring, discover a range of industry-leading coatings for EV battery manufacturing facilities, including time and budget-saving solutions for fireproofing and steel protection. Ask about our consultative, no-charge support services to help guide proper coating specification for these complex operations.

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