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Airport Flooring

Sherwin-Williams offers a range of robust terrazzo systems designed to endure heavy use, utilizing natural stone to craft elegant decorative surfaces. Whether seeking subtle and sophisticated designs or vibrant colors that complement branding and architectural themes, our terrazzo systems stand strong. 

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Terrazzo Airport Flooring for Terminals, Concourses and Baggage Claim

These exceptionally durable resin flooring solutions are built to withstand the relentless high-volume foot traffic of travelers and workers, and the rigorous cleaning routines found in airports. From heavy bags and trolleys to tire marks from airport carts and vehicles, our high-performance terrazzo floors are well-suited to resist damages with ease.

High-Quality Flooring Solutions for Airports and Concourses  

Airport concourses provide millions of travelers with their all-important first impression of any destination. Carefully selected commercial floor coatings can help create a clean, welcoming, and enjoyable environment for these airport and concourse areas.

Sherwin-Williams floor coating systems are a proven solution for airports and concourses, with benefits including:

  • A uniquely appealing selection that contributes to the overall vibrancy and positivity of the space, attracting more business
  • The ability to withstand intense, high-traffic situations
  • Excellent abrasion and wear resistance
  • Simple and low-cost maintenance 
  • Slip-resistant and sanitary surfaces
  • Outstanding durability and long-term value
  • The strength to handle high compression, including heavily loaded baggage carts and wheeled luggage
  • Hybrid flooring that custom-combines two or more polymer resin chemistries in a single floor, providing the optimal high-performance solution for a given application

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