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Car Dealership and Showroom Flooring

Sherwin-Williams offers a comprehensive line of seamless resin flooring systems designed to cater to the diverse requirements of dealership environments. From servicing workshops and showrooms to parts departments and offices, our flooring solutions are tailored to meet the demands of each space. 

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Decorative Flooring Systems for Car Dealerships and Showrooms

Car dealerships often have the need for several different flooring types. These can include seamless decorative showroom flooring with contemporary finishes that help elevate overall aesthetics, as well as heavy duty industrial flooring in service centers and diagnostic areas, where exceptional chemical, stain, and impact resistance are required. In all instances, durability and safety are paramount. With the right epoxy and other resinous flooring finishes, car dealerships can let the buying fever begin. 

Attractive Flooring Solutions for Dealerships and Showrooms

Showing off gleaming new cars and trucks on a gorgeous, high-performance flooring system tells the public about the level of professionalism and quality they can expect when doing business at a particular car dealership. In the same way, customers dropping off vehicles for repair should see clean, safe service area floors to help instill confidence in the operation. Whether a global brand or a local independent shop, let our stunning, long-lasting dealership flooring help make showroom vehicles and your business look even better.

Sherwin-Williams floor coating systems are a proven solution for car dealerships and showrooms, with benefits including:

  • Hybrid flooring solutions utilizing multiple resin types to create optimal solutions
  • Resistance to vehicle fluids, chemicals and various solvents
  • Impermeable surfaces that are stain resistant and easy to clean
  • Skid-resistant floor surfaces, customized to facility specifications
  • Standard and unlimited custom colors and blends
  • Option to incorporate a brand or dealership logo into the floor
  • Ability to include safety markings, wayfinding messaging, delineate specific work areas and more

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