St. Joseph’s Church Elevates Aesthetics with New Terrazzo Floors

Resuflor™ Terrazzo TG flooring system with artistic qualities creates durable and stunning worship area

Selected for its ease of application and artistic qualities, Sherwin-Williams Resuflor™ Terrazzo TG was installed as an extremely durable, low maintenance, and beautiful flooring solution.

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Challenge: The Need for Beautifully Renovated Floors

When it came time for the Catholic Diocese of Evansville to renovate the floors in the worship area of Saint Joseph’s Church, it turned to master artisans, Midwest Terrazzo. With decades of experience handcrafting artistic surfaces for facilities throughout the region, Midwest Terrazzo was capable of creating beautiful terrazzo flooring reflective of the history and significance of the church.

Founded in 1880, St. Joseph’s Church is one of 45 parishes that make up the Catholic Diocese of Evansville in Southwest Indiana. As one of the most historic parishes in the country, the church is listed in the U.S National Register of Historic Places. The pressure was on to get this project right. 

Solution: Installing Durable and Pristine Resuflor™ Terrazzo TG Flooring

Midwest Terrazzo had only recently tried Sherwin-Williams High Performance Flooring products for the first time during a period of national shortages when its usual supplier could not accommodate them. However, the specialty contractor quickly became a fan. The team chose to use Sherwin-Williams resinous flooring for the St. Joseph’s project, noting that the products’ ease of application and outstanding durability, combined with local distribution and excellent service, had now made Resuflor™  Terrazzo TG their go-to system. 

Outcome: Beautiful Terrazzo Flooring with Artistic Touches  

Midwest Terrazzo is among the best in highly specialized application processes. The level of skill and numerous artistic touches the team brought to this project can be seen in the photos. It goes without saying that parish members are extremely satisfied with their beautiful new flooring and gratified to see how well the design by Entheos Architects was executed.

“Generations to come will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of historic St. Joseph’s Church, thanks in part to the newly renovated floors,” said owner of Midwest Terrazzo, Graham Wink. “It is nice to see something still around from 1880 that will have decades more use of terrazzo flooring.” 

Generations to come will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of historic St. Joseph’s Church, thanks in part to the newly renovated floors.

Graham Wink

Owner, Midwest Terrazzo

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