Semiconductor Manufacturing Flooring

All manufacturing facilities must adhere to strict safety regulations that protect workers, products, delicate components, equipment, and eventually, consumers. OSHA and other entities provide stringent protocols for manufacturers to follow, and these safety issues are only increased when it comes to facilities that manufacture semiconductors. 

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Safe, Seamless Flooring Systems for Semiconductor Manufacturing Facilities 

For semiconductor products to function properly as well as for worker safety, semiconductor manufacturing facilities are tightly controlled, closely monitored environments. Highly complex structures, semiconductor campuses often include multiple buildings that serve varying functions, whether fabrication (FAB), the central utilities building (CUB), gas chemical storage (GCS), water/wastewater facilities or offices and warehouses. High performance chemical resistant coatings (CRC) in the form of resinous floor coatings and secondary containment and lining systems are critical to protecting vital concrete assets in semiconductor manufacturing operations.

Safe, Durable Flooring for Semiconductor Manufacturing and Fabrication Plants 

Among the fastest growing sectors of the global economy, the semiconductor industry is driven by computer, communication, industrial and consumer markets to continually build or expand facilities. As part of this growth, our selection of customizable chemical resistant coatings (CRC) for floors and secondary containment helps support vital infrastructure found on FAB campuses.

Our dedicated semiconductor team of experts has identified and qualified core Sherwin-Williams products and systems for use in the various specified CRC applications in semiconductor facilities. These industry-leading solutions, depending on system, have been determined suitable for protecting concrete substrates from corrosive exposure, blocking slab moisture vapor tranmission, providing reliable electrostatic dissipation and more. Backed by laboratory and field testing as well as extensive industrial use, these proven coating systems provide cutting-edge coatings technology, easy maintenance and long term protection.

Sherwin-Williams floor coating and secondary containment systems are proven solutions for the semiconductor industry, with options, features and benefits including:

  • Excellent chemical resistance with industry-leading protection for concrete substrates
  • Containment of spilled chemicals, preventing potential contamination of the surrounding natural environment
  • Reliable electrostatic dissipating flooring system options to help safeguard products, processes and personnel
  • Conductive flooring systems for areas with explosion hazards
  • Concrete moisture vapor mitigation systems to help ensure coating integrity, while preventing humidity from entering controlled room environments
  • Customizable slip-resistance per client requirements and specifications
  • Unlimited standard and custom color options for designated work zones and safety demarcation
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces, reducing maintenance downtime and increasing operational efficiency
  • Long-term durability and sustainability, reducing the need for frequent repairs and replacements

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