Clean Room Flooring

Pharmaceutical companies, R&D labs, and other controlled environments may require the use of a clean room. These clean rooms have strict safety and sanitation requirements that must be met to maintain sterile conditions. Flooring systems are an important part of this process. Our clean room flooring solutions are durable, chemical and slip resistant, and easy to sanitize and clean, making them an essential element to any clean room environment.

Durable and Hygienic Clean Room Flooring

Many manufacturing, pharmaceutical, medical, and laboratory industries require areas that are free from contaminants and pollutants such as dust, aerosol particles, bacteria, and microbes. These clean rooms have strict standards, and in order to maintain their safe, sterile, hygienic, and sanitary requirements, they must have the proper flooring system installed.

Flooring that is easy to clean and sanitize is essential for clean rooms. Moisture resistant, non-porous floors will protect the surface if chemicals, products, water, powders, or liquids are spilled during research or production. Seamless flooring will prevent the growth of bacteria or collection of dirt in hard-to-reach places, and non-slip surfaces keep the clean room environment safe for workers and researchers.

Sherwin-Williams clean room flooring solutions are durable, easy to clean, antimicrobial, moisture resistant, and low maintenance—the perfect solution for clean room flooring. The chemical resistance and waterproofing properties protect the floor from damage, and its seamless, antimicrobial surface makes it easy to meet the biosafety, sanitation, and hygiene standards required by pharmaceutical or laboratory clean rooms.

Our flooring solutions are ideal for clean room environments in all industries.

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