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Pharmaceutical Flooring

The pharmaceutical industry is on the cutting edge of scientific progress and research, working around the clock to develop, test, and produce medications and treatments that improve the health outcomes and quality of life for patients across the globe. As pharmaceuticals involve highly sensitive and precise science, great care must be taken to ensure that every aspect of the facilities involved, at every step in the process, are designed to protect cleanliness and avoid the risk of contamination. 

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Sterile, seamless flooring for pharmaceutical manufacturing, laboratories, clean rooms and pharmacies 

Sherwin-Williams offers a range of seamless, non-slip resin floors specifically designed to meet the stringent standards of the pharmaceutical industry, creating sterile and easily cleanable environments. With exceptional stain and chemical resistance, our decorative systems ensure effortless maintenance while delivering stunning aesthetics. In pharmaceutical facilities, our versatile floor solutions provide a myriad of design options that can be customized to include patterns or logos, enhancing lobbies and other public areas to leave a lasting impression.

Safe and Hygienic Flooring Systems for the Pharmaceutical Industry 

Every food or drug facility has concerns regarding compliance with the FDA’s cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines. These standards govern the flooring systems’ mechanical, chemical, and impact durability, as well as provide specific guidelines for production lines, research facilities, packaging systems, and storage areas. By providing a clean, smooth surface that is highly durable, resistant to abrasion, can withstand toxic spills, impacts and other risks, a specially formulated epoxy or resinous coating offers a long-term solution for the pharmaceutical industry.

Sherwin-Williams floor coating systems are a proven solution for the pharmaceutical industry, with benefits including:

  • Seamless floor surfaces that support rigorous hygiene protocols
  • Easy-cleaning surfaces and low maintenance
  • Chemical resistance that helps mitigate hazards
  • Resistant to solvents, cleaning chemicals, and disinfectants
  • Outstanding abrasion resistance
  • Excellent stain resistance
  • Customizable slip resistance
  • Integral cove base and wall system options

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