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Automotive Industry Flooring

In the automotive manufacturing industry, flooring must be durability, impact resistant, resistant to chemicals and staining, as well as easy to maintenance. Offering tailored solutions for a wide range of automotive environments, Sherwin-Williams comprehensively addresses the needs of these busy operations, with optimal flooring for production lines to battery storage and electrical assembly facilities. Automotive manufacturing areas, in particular, require robust flooring capable of enduring the rigors of heavy-wheeled traffic and continuous footfall, all while safeguarding the concrete from chemicals and automotive fluids. Our industry-leading resinous flooring systems stand as proven, high quality solutions.

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Slip Resistant, Seamless Flooring for Manufacturing, Battery Storage and Electrical Assembly

Automotive manufacturing plants require heavy-duty flooring that can hold up to high point load machinery, impact from dropped items, spilled oils and fluids as well as intense cleaning regimes. Automotive production line areas can benefit from our durable aggregate-filled flooring and other high strength solutions that meet these tough demands. For battery storage and charging areas, look to the protective features of our chemical and acid resistant systems to extend the usable life of concrete. And in areas where electrical assembly takes place, Sherwin-Williams static control flooring solutions support company-wide safety programs by helping to prevent the uncontrolled electrostatic discharge (ESD) that can damage sensitive electronics and equipment and harm personnel. These chemical resistant, static dissipative flooring solutions are heavy duty and easy to clean while offering reliable static control in accordance with ESD industry standards. 

Commercial and Industrial Automotive Flooring for Heavy Loads and Harsh Chemicals

Among the countless types of facilities in the automotive industry, all share a common need: Flooring that can withstand the heavy compressive weight, potential impact and spills involved in manufacturing automobiles, other transportation vehicles and parts on a daily basis. Our epoxy, polyurethane and other high-performance fluid-applied flooring systems furnish the hard-wearing solutions required to help protect concrete substrates from chemical, impact and abrasion damage in these high use environments. 

Sherwin-Williams floor coating systems are a proven solution for the automotive industry, with benefits including:

  • Exceptional compressive and tensile strengths
  • Outstanding abrasion resistance and the ability to withstand impact
  • Chemical resistance that helps extend the life of concrete substrates
  • Impervious surfaces with excellent stain resistance
  • Customizable slip-resistance for different use areas
  • Thermal shock resistance, where required
  • Easy-cleaning surfaces and low maintenance
  • Static dissipative options to help safeguard equipment and personnel

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