Logistics Facility Flooring

Floors for Warehouse Logistics Facilities

Sherwin-Williams resinous flooring systems are specifically engineered to endure the continuous traffic generated by forklift trucks and heavy wheeled equipment, making them the perfect choice for logistics areas. With their high compressive strength, these systems can handle heavy loads with ease. Moreover, our seamless floor solutions are thoughtfully designed to be slip-resistant, prioritizing the safety of staff and operators to help preventing slips and falls. 

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Heavy-Duty Flooring for Warehousing and Distribution

At Sherwin-Williams, our heavy-duty flooring solutions for warehousing and distribution facility offer the flexibility to incorporate custom designs into the finish.  This allows for inclusion of company branding and bold demarcation of walkways and production areas, as well as required safety and line markings that support health and safety programs. With our resinous floor solutions, your logistics area can not only enjoy enhanced durability but also improved safety and a personalized touch to complement your facility's unique needs.

Durable Logistics Facility Flooring for Heavy Loads and Impact

Unsealed concrete slabs often prove insufficient when exposed to the pressures of warehouse facilities long term. Concrete is vulnerable to abrasion and sudden impact, initially resulting in small areas of damage that can quickly become potholes under frequent heavy loads. Epoxy and other high performance resinous flooring systems can protect new concrete and help repair existing surface damage. Well-specified and installed systems can enhance the floor's compressive strength, impact resistance, and load-bearing capacity. The resulting monolithic, virtually seamless warehouse floor surface can withstand impressive loads and the wear and tear of forklifts and other industrial equipment.

Sherwin-Williams floor coating systems are a proven solution for warehouse logistics facilities, including features and benefits such as:

  • Durable, abrasion-resistant finishes to help extend the life of concrete surfaces
  • Exceptional compressive and tensile strengths for areas with heavy point loads
  • Outstanding chemical resistance to withstand spills and vehicle fluids
  • Optional thermal shock resistance for areas with extreme temperature fluctuation
  • Electrostatic dissipative flooring options for facilities handling sensitive electronics
  • Customizable slip-resistance for added facility safety
  • Wide selection of standard and custom colors, with striping and safety marking options
  • Broad range of systems to ensure compliance with industry and governmental regulations
  • Low maintenance, easy cleaning and enduring value

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