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From doctors’ offices to hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, healthcare settings pose specific challenges in finding the right flooring system. In addition to withstanding traffic from staff, patients, visitors, carts, gurneys and heavy equipment, hygienic concerns and control of airborne particulate are crucial in installing and maintaining healthcare facility floors. Epoxy flooring and other resinous systems are often the best choice for hospitals and similar settings, as they couple strength and durability with outstanding hygiene and minimal maintenance. 

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Custom Medical Flooring Solutions for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities 

Sherwin-Williams resinous flooring, depending on the systems selected, provides resistance to biological substances such as blood and urine, as well as the harsh chemicals used in hospital cleaning regimes. Because our hygienic systems are monolithic and impervious, there's less chance for ingress of water or fluids between the substrate and the floor surface. Spills stay on the surface and can be easily cleaned, while the seamless design prevents substances from getting trapped in seams and causing lingering odor or contamination. At the same time, innovative resinous flooring can contribute to patient wellness with sound dampening features and ergonomic cushioning. Sherwin-Williams offers these healthcare flooring systems in formulations with up to 25% plant oil content for lower environmental impact.


Durable, Safe and Hygienic Medical Flooring Solutions

Untreated concrete slabs, often the foundation for a flooring system, are vulnerable to cracking, crumbling, and otherwise wearing over time. Adding a resinous floor coating over the concrete substrate can greatly increases its load bearing capacity, longevity and durability. These coatings are also extremely resistant to abrasion and even punctures, depending on the system selected. The moving of heavy equipment, spills and dropped medical instruments are less likely to pose a danger to the slab with the correct formulation of concrete coating. VCT tile and heat-sealed vinyl plank are other flooring types sometimes seen in healthcare facilities; however, over time, the tile floor can require frequent buffing and waxing in order to keep its luster, while the heat-welded seals in plank flooring can tend to crack. Such maintenance challenges can be avoided with the use of seamless resinous flooring.

Because epoxy and other similar resinous flooring systems are installed as liquids, the floor produced is smooth and virtually seamless, with almost no grout lines or seams, as seen with other flooring systems. Additionally, fluid-applied high performance resinous flooring is available in a wide range of systems, including those able to absorb impact and withstand the compression of heavy medical machinery. With tile flooring, it is not uncommon for the corners of tiles to eventually begin to crumble and crack, creating an unsanitary, unsafe condition for patients, visitors, and staff.

Sherwin-Williams floor coating systems are a proven solution for the medical and healthcare industry, with benefits including:

  • Seamless floor surfaces that support rigorous hygiene protocols
  • Easy to clean with no waxing
  • Integral cove base and wall system options
  • Betadine stain resistant topcoats available
  • Ergonomic cushioning and acoustic sound-dampening options
  • Resistant to solvents, cleaning chemicals, and disinfectants
  • Slip-resistant and safe

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