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Sherwin-Williams provides a comprehensive range of flooring solutions for the food service industry. These flooring options are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of food service businesses, ensuring safety, hygiene, and durability in high-traffic and high-moisture areas. 

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Hard-wearing, Beautiful Flooring Systems for the Food Service Industry 

High performing flooring systems with decorative aesthetics are among food service industry managers' expectations, whether designing a new facility or refreshing an existing operation. Sherwin-Williams food service flooring solutions offer excellent functionality as well as an unlimited selection of standard and custom colors, blends, designs and textures to choose from. Businesses and institutions can select the flooring options that best represent their brandand decor, while ensuring a compliant, safe and hygienic environment for their patrons and employees. Our food service flooring solutions meet regulatory requirements and industry standards, giving business owners and operators peace of mind that their flooring is durable, safe, and compliant.

Hygienic Food Service Flooring Options with Aesthetic Appeal 

Sherwin-Williams portfolio of resinous food service flooring solutions includes smart options for both front and back of the house, from dining and bar areas and public restrooms to food preparation spaces and staff locker rooms. Our high performance flooring, depending upon the system, offers outstanding compressive and flexural strengths as well as industry leading abrasion and chemical resistance. Their seamless design includes antimicrobial features that support economical, efficient and thorough sanitizing, while simultaneously providing safety, durability and a beautiful look and feel.

Sherwin-Williams floor coating systems are a proven solution for the food service industry, including options and benefits such as:

  • Slip-resistant surfaces for improved safety in high-traffic areas
  • Long-lived performance and resistance to heavy foot traffic, moisture, and chemicals
  • Easy to clean and maintain, helping to ensure a hygienic food service environment
  • Customization options using various colors and designs to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space
  • Compliancy with industry standards and governmental regulations for food facilities
  • Thermal shock resistant options for sanitary walk in freezer and cooler floors
  • Long-lasting and cost-effective flooring value for the food service industry

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